23 Nov 2023 Budget

BPF Autumn Statement Analysis

Our analysis of the 2023 Autumn Statement delivered by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt. Key topics explored include tax and finance, housing and planning, healthcare, life sciences, and net zero and energy.

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16 Oct 2023 Budget

BPF 2023 Autumn Statement Representation

Some of our sector’s main challenges and priorities mirror those of the wider economy and the communities we invest in, and we share a number of the Government’s key priorities: Growth, Housing, Town Centres and the Green Economy. Read our full Autumn Statement Representation. 

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11 Oct 2023 Residential

The New Kid on the Block: Co-Living Report

The research, written by the BPF’s Co-Living Working Group, aims to improve understanding of Co-Living and consolidate the offer as an important, emerging asset class and a vital piece in the puzzle to solve the UK housing crisis. 

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26 Sep 2023 High Street

BPF/Local Data Company Local Retail Reoccupation Report

Our report produced by the Local Data Company on the reoccupation rates of vacant retain units across the UK.

26 Sep 2023 Construction and Development | Tax and Finance

BPF Fair Payment Charter

A fair and transparent approach to payment is essential for ensuring a successful construction industry. The BPF has, through its Construction Committee, developed voluntary guidelines that all BPF members are encouraged to adopt in their approach to payment generally.

By adopting these approaches, BPF members can play a leading role in driving up payment standards across all parts of the construction supply chain.

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18 Jun 2023 Residential

Housing for an Ageing Population

Housing for an ageing population remains a pressing issue following the publication of our 2020 report. Many older people struggle to find housing that suits their needs without relocating and losing touch with places they may have lived in for many years. The urgency of this issue grows each year as supply fails to keep pace with growing demand.

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24 May 2023 Residential

The Impact of Rent Control on the Private Rented Sector

This paper examines the impact of rent control policies across a variety of international contexts summarising the benefits and the unintended consequences. In summary while motivated by the public and social good, the resultant consequences and side-effects of rent control can outweigh the initial benefits.

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24 May 2023 Leasing and Commercial

Commercial Real Estate Economic Footprint 2022

The BPF’s annual assessment of the commercial real estate’s economic footprint, looks at the jobs and labour market, output and turnover, tax revenue and capital investment across the commercial real estate sector.

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17 May 2023

The Future of Town Centres: Private Investment for Public Good

The BPF's report exploring the future of retail in high streets and town centres, with four key recommendations for Government. 

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12 May 2023 Construction and Development | Redefining Real Estate | Technology and Innovation

Measuring Construction Site Productivity: A seven-step framework for success

An accompanying document to the Construction Playbook, which provides practical guidance into how a productivity improvement programme can be planned, developed, and implemented on a construction project.

12 May 2023 Construction and Development | Redefining Real Estate | Technology and Innovation

Trust and Productivity: The private sector construction playbook

A detailed template prepared by BPF members and their contractors, under the auspices of Be the Business, which seeks to promote a value-driven model of construction, which improves sector productivity.

17 Apr 2023 Build-to-rent

Assessment of Scotland's Rent Freeze and Impacts

The British Property Federation (BPF) commissioned Rettie & Co to undertake research work on the Scottish Government’s ‘Rent Freeze’ and its impacts, particularly on the Build-to-Rent (BtR) sector. The study involved a series of linked research methods including an evidence review, a literature review and primary research with institutional investors.