What is the BPF Net Zero Pledge?

The BPF Net Zero Pledge is a BPF-led initiative to help all BPF members decarbonise by 2050 at the very latest and accelerate the transition to a net zero built environment.


Who can take the Pledge?

All existing BPF members are eligible to take the Pledge.

New members will be encouraged to take the Pledge as part of the process of joining the BPF.


Is my organisation a member of the BPF?

You can view a list of all BPF members here.


Why is BPF asking members to take the Pledge?

Buildings are responsible for around 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. As such, our sector has a sizeable carbon footprint and a significant environmental impact.

The BPF is the voice of the UK real estate sector. We have a responsibility to champion higher environmental standards across the industry and to lead the sector’s fight against climate change. BPF and BPF members have a critical role to play in the transition to net zero and in delivering the Government’s net zero targets and ambitions.


What commitments do I make when I take the Pledge?

BPF members who take the Pledge commit to three principal actions:

  • members commit to setting net zero carbon targets and plans;
  • members commit to sharing research, knowledge and insight on an open source basis; and
  • members commit to supporting each other, and the wider industry, to accelerate the transition to net zero.


Who has taken the Pledge?

The latest BPF members to have taken the pledge can be found on our BPF LinkedIn channel.


Why should I take the Pledge?

If you take the Pledge, you will join a community of organisations committed to tackling climate change and driving the decarbonisation of their businesses and assets.

You will also have access to expertise from across the sector and the potential to share with, and learn from, peers.

You will also be making a public commitment and helping to show how the industry is determined to play its part in the transition to a net zero UK.


How do I take the Pledge?

You can apply to take the Pledge online here.

As part of the application process you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. We may also be in touch for more information if necessary.

Once approved, we will send confirmation that you have taken the Pledge.


Is there a fee involved?

No. There is no fee or charge involved in taking the Pledge


What is net zero?

We provide definitions of net zero online.


My organisation doesn’t have net zero targets and plans in place yet. Can I still take the Pledge?

Yes. However, you must commit to setting net zero targets and having a plan in place within one year of taking the Pledge.

We recognise that it can take time to develop plans, and that the first step is often to develop a baseline against which carbon reduction targets can be set.

We will be providing resources to members to help set targets and develop plans.


My organisation already has net zero targets and plans. Can I still take the BPF Net Zero Pledge?

Yes. We welcome members who already have net zero targets and plans and will be encouraging these to share their knowledge and experiences with those who are yet to start the journey to net zero.


How do I measure and report on progress?

If you take the Pledge, you will be expected to measure and report publicly on progress against your net zero targets and plans.

BPF membership is diverse, and there are different approaches to verifying and reporting that will be suited to different types of member. You will need to pick an approach that is right for your organisation.

We provide information online on programmes and initiatives that members might consider joining to ensure that their plans are robust and credible. This includes initiatives for SMEs.


Does the BPF have net zero targets and plans?

The BPF is currently working with Planet Mark, a UN Race to Zero partner, to develop our own net zero targets and plans. They will also independently verify our work and progress.


How does the BPF Net Zero Pledge work alongside other sector or industry pledges or climate commitments?

The BPF Net Zero Pledge campaign is designed to complement and support wider sector and industry net zero initiatives.

For example, we encourage members to sign up to existing initiatives to provide independent verification of net zero targets and plans, such as the BBP Climate Commitment or one of the Race to Zero pathways. We will not be developing our own authorisation or verification processes.

We also signpost existing resources and best practice via our net zero knowledge hub.


Why does the BPF Net Zero Pledge set the date for achieving net zero carbon by 2050?

If we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, then science tells us that we need to keep the rise in global temperatures to below 1.5 degree Celsius. To achieve this, we need to cut carbon emissions by at least half by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 at the very latest.

We know many members have set themselves more challenging targets, with some aiming to be net zero by 2030. We welcome and encourage this.

However, BPF membership is broad and diverse, and we want to ensure that every member – no matter how small or how resourced – is able to take the Pledge and start the journey to net zero.


What do I need to share?

We want to encourage “radical collaboration” across the sector and foster a culture of cooperation to deliver joint initiatives and deliver on our climate change commitments.

We recognise there are legal limits on what can be shared but are asking all members who take the Pledge to share knowledge, research, insight and information on an open-source basis as far as is practicable.

The sharing of resources and research is something the BPF is uniquely placed to provide between its members. Without this radical collaboration, we won’t find the radical solutions we need.


How do I provide support?

A key aim of the campaign is to help and support all members on their journey to net zero by leveraging the BPF’s reach across the real estate industry and connecting members who are already well on the way to net zero to help those who are just starting.

We will be asking members to provide mentors, engage in training and knowledge sharing sessions, provide resources and build links and relationships with their peers across the sector.