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What is the pledge?

The target of reaching net zero by 2050 will require all BPF members to show genuine leadership and to make real and meaningful commitments to drive the transition to a net zero sector.

The built environment is a major source of carbon emissions, responsible for around 40% of emissions globally. This is why many BPF members have already made great strides in reviewing their operations and their impact on the environment and set stretching targets – often dedicating entire teams to driving forward their sustainability strategies. However, not all members have the resources or bandwidth to enact change now.

Tackling climate change and reducing our environmental impact is an absolute priority for all of us, and this is why the BPF is launching its Net Zero Pledge campaign.

This is a member-facing campaign, that calls on all of our 400 members to work together to reach net zero. To take the Pledge and join the campaign, members will need to sign up, share and support.


Together we can speed up the pace of change

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