14 Jan 2021 Budget | Tax and Finance

Budget representation: supporting the Covid recovery

We submitted our Budget representation today – our submission highlights the property industry’s role in supporting address three key challenges of our time: helping our towns and cities recover from the Covid crisis; helping meet our net zero carbon targets (and in particular embarking on the huge challenge of retrofitting our property stock); and the role we can play in delivering more homes. 

06 Jan 2021 Environment and Sustainability

BPF Response to Improving the Energy Performance of Privately Rented Homes

What: We have submitted a response to the government’s consultation on the latest minimum energy efficiency standards for privately rented domestic properties.

Our View: Following extensive consultation with our members we have written in support of the government’s preferred policy proposal subject to a number of important considerations. Namely, around the difficulties faced in upgrading older building stock.

04 Jan 2021 Tax and Finance

OECD Global Anti-Base Erosion (‘GloBE’) Report on the Pillar Two Blueprint

What: The OECD are consulting on a minimum level of tax on profits, as part of their BEPS initiative.

Our view: We welcome the OECD’s acknowledgement of the importance of protecting tax neutrality for investment funds – but the ‘excluded entities’ list should include a broader list of entities, including REITs.

23 Nov 2020 Tax and Finance

VAT Grouping - Establishment, eligibility and registration - Call for Evidence

What: Government is consulting on changes to the VAT grouping rules that could affect property businesses.

Our view: The compulsory VAT grouping proposals would be hugely disruptive for the sector, particularly build to rent and student accommodation.

12 Nov 2020 Tax and Finance

Office for Tax Simplification review of CGT

What: The OTS are reviewing aspects of the capital gains tax rules which are complex or create distortions in behaviour.

Our view: There are a number of areas of the CGT rules which could benefit from simplification – and we highlighted the importance of taxing businesses as closely as possible to their real economic gains

02 Nov 2020 Tax and Finance

Fundamental review of business rates

What: The Government is thinking about the future of business rates, including potential alternatives.

Our view: Neither a Capital Values Tax nor an Online Sales Tax will fix the issues with broken business rates. Government should review residential property tax to fund a rates reduction.

29 Oct 2020 Planning

BPF Response to the Planning for the future consultation

We have submitted an extensive response to the government’s Planning for the Future consultation.

Our submission has been informed by extensive consultation with our membership with separate workshops considering the different pillars of the consultation document, a workshop with our network BPF Futures, six meetings with our regional members, a well-attended webinar and several other consultation events.

21 Oct 2020

Independent Review of Administrative Law: BPF response to the Call for Evidence

The BPF has submitted a response to the Call for Evidence as part of the Independent Review of Administrative Law, commissioned by the government.

Our response covers ways in which judicial review can be improved within the real estate sphere and also how procedural improvements can be made of the Planning Court, established in 2014.

16 Oct 2020 Building Safety

Fire safety consultation

What: This consultation covers how the Government is seeking to tighten up fire safety in existing buildings, through reform of the Fire Safety Order and implementation of some recommendations from the Grenfell Inquiry first stage.

Our view: There are a lot of sensible reforms suggested that we support. We highlight some concerns around means of communication and height thresholds used for roll out of some provisions.

BPF Imagery_1200px_30_cropped.png
08 Oct 2020 Core Cities and Devolution | Covid-19

BPF Response to the BEIS Select Committee inquiry on ‘Levelling up: Local and regional structures’.

What: A consultation on levelling up local and regional government structures – in aid of post-pandemic economic growth

Our view: Local communities and local  leaders are best placed to plan for their populations and for economic growth

06 Oct 2020 Planning

BPF response to the Changes to the Current Planning System Consultation

What: A consultation on planning – assessing housing need, accommodating First Homes and an affordable housing exemption for SMEs.

Our view: Housing numbers need to better reflect regional growth aspirations and First Homes in Build to Rent developments is not practical.

21 Sep 2020 Tax and Finance

Business rates call for evidence – response to tranche 1

What: The first tranche of the Government’s Business Rates Review, including the multiplier, reliefs, empty rates, and the impact of capitalisation of rates into rents.

Our view: The business rates burden is too high and is not responding quickly enough to changes in market rents.