19 May 2022 Tax and Finance

BPF response: online sales tax

The BPF has responded to the Government consultation seeking views on a possible online sales tax, as a means of rebalancing the taxation of the retail sector between online and in-store retail.

EU & international
06 Apr 2022 EU and International | Tax and Finance

BPF response: EU proposals to prevent misuse of shell entities

The BPF’s comments on proposals for a Council Directive laying down rules to prevent the misuse of shell entities for tax purposes.

05 Apr 2022 Environment and Sustainability | Planning

BPF response: DEFRA consultation on biodiversity net gain regulations and implementation

The BPF has responded to DEFRA’s consultation setting out the government’s proposals on how biodiversity net gain will be implemented through the planning system.

tax & finance
04 Apr 2022 Tax and Finance

BPF response: OECD Pillar 2 – consultation on implementation

The BPF’s response to the Government’s consultation on how the Pillar 2 rules will be implemented in the UK, which is intended to ensure multinational enterprises operating within the UK pay a global minimum level of tax.

31 Mar 2022 Insolvency

BPF response: the future of insolvency regulation

The British Property Federation response to the UK Government's consultation on the future of insolvency regulation. 

23 Feb 2022 Tax and Finance

BPF response: SDLT rules for mixed property purchases and MDR

What: The Government have consulted on proposals to change the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) rules for mixed-property purchases and Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR).

Our view: The Government must ensure that commercial property transactions involving residential property are not adversely impacted by changes to SDLT which are intended to tackle the behaviour of certain individual purchasers. Any changes must be targeted and proportionate.

21 Feb 2022 Tax and Finance

BPF response: technical consultation on business rates

What: The BPF has responded to a Government consultation on changes to the business rates system, including measures to enable more frequent revaluations, a new improvement relief and on support for investment in green plant and machinery.

Our View: We welcome the move to a cycle of three-yearly revaluations, but call for a number of changes to the Government’s proposals to ensure that the new duty on ratepayers is reasonable and proportionate. This includes longer periods for providing information to the VOA and in which to make Challenges. We also set out concerns about the proposed improvement relief and call on Ministers to be more ambitious in greening the business rates system.

01 Feb 2022 Build-to-rent | Environment and Sustainability | Industrial and Logistics | Planning

BPF Response: Planning for London Programme

The BPF have submitted a response to the GLA’s Planning for London Programme Call for Evidence. This consultation is intended to inform the GLA’s early thinking around the next iteration of the London Plan.   

tax & finance
13 Jan 2022 Tax and Finance

BPF response on corporate re-domiciliation

What: The BPF has responded to a Government consultation on corporate re-domiciliation. This is seeking views on the introduction of a UK re-domiciliation regime, making it easier for companies to relocate to the UK.

Our view: We welcome the Government’s proposals, particularly in light of the new tax regime for asset holding companies (AHCs) due to come into force on 1 April 2022, and call on Government to move quickly to introduce the necessary legislation.

tax & finance
18 Oct 2021 Residential | Tax and Finance

BPF Response to Government consultation on draft RPDT legislation

What: The BPF has responded to the Government’s technical consultation on the draft legislation for the Residential Property Developer Tax (RPDT). Final clauses will be included in the 2021/22 Finance Bill.

Our view: We welcome the decision to exclude PBSA and some BTR development, but call for further amendments to exclude all forms of BTR activity from the scope of the RPDT. We also call for all forms of affordable housing to be exempt from the new tax, and make a series of recommendations on how the RPDT regime can be simplified and how taxpayers can be supported as the new tax is introduced.

building safety
15 Oct 2021 Building Safety | Planning | Residential | Student Accommodation | Tax and Finance

Building Safety Levy – BPF response

A DLUHC consultation on the new Building Safety Levy to be applied at Gateway 2 of the new building safety regime. We highlight the damage this policy will do to other Government objectives, for example its push to have more housing growth in 20 key cities. We also draw out a number of areas of the new levy that could draw on existing practices, particularly with the Community Infrastructure Levy.

tax & finance
10 Sep 2021 Environment and Sustainability | Tax and Finance

BPF response to FCA consultation on climate-related disclosures

What: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is consulting on enhancing climate-related disclosures by asset managers, life insurers and FCA-regulated pension providers.

Our view: Given the urgency and scale of the challenge we face in transitioning to a low-carbon economy, we welcome proposals to increase transparency which allow clients and consumers to make better informed choices, while remaining proportionate for firms. However, we call for further engagement with the FCA to ensure that rules and guidance work for the real estate sector.