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08 Oct 2020 Core Cities and Devolution | Covid-19

BPF Response to the BEIS Select Committee inquiry on ‘Levelling up: Local and regional structures’.

What: A consultation on levelling up local and regional government structures – in aid of post-pandemic economic growth

Our view: Local communities and local  leaders are best placed to plan for their populations and for economic growth

06 Oct 2020 Planning

BPF response to the Changes to the Current Planning System Consultation

What: A consultation on planning – assessing housing need, accommodating First Homes and an affordable housing exemption for SMEs.

Our view: Housing numbers need to better reflect regional growth aspirations and First Homes in Build to Rent developments is not practical.

21 Sep 2020 Tax and Finance

Business rates call for evidence – response to tranche 1

What: The first tranche of the Government’s Business Rates Review, including the multiplier, reliefs, empty rates, and the impact of capitalisation of rates into rents.

Our view: The business rates burden is too high and is not responding quickly enough to changes in market rents.

17 Sep 2020 Tax and Finance

SDLT – surcharge on non-residents buying residential property - legislation

What: Draft legislation is set to introduce an SDLT surcharge on non-resident purchases buying residential property from April 2021.

Our view: These measures will hamper businesses that contribute to housing supply – such as build-to-rent providers and those developers that help fund their developments through off plan sales.

29 Aug 2020 Tax and Finance

Hybrid and other mismatches

What: An HMRC consultation on the application and impact of the double deduction and acting together rules.

Our view: The rules could work better for fund structures – and in particular, exempt investors should be able to invest collectively without incurring additional tax cost.

28 Aug 2020 Construction and Development | Tax and Finance

Construction Industry Scheme

What: An HMRC consultation on tackling abuse in the Construction Industry Scheme.

Our view: While it’s right HMRC tackles abuse, some of the proposals could have a detrimental impact on the construction industry.

27 Aug 2020 Tax and Finance

Notification of uncertain tax treatment

What: An HMRC consultation on the introduction of a new disclosure requirement for uncertain tax treatments for large business from April 2021.

Our view: At a time when businesses are already having to adapt to new ways of working, HMRC should delay the implementation, reduce the scope of the rules and make clear the definition of what is reportable within the rules.

20 Aug 2020 Tax and Finance

Tax treatment of asset holding companies in alternative fund structures

What: An HM Treasury consultation on the treatment of asset holding companies in alternative fund structures – part of the government’s ongoing work to explore how the UK could better support the alternative fund sector.

Our view: Investors in collective investment structures should achieve a similar tax outcome as if they had invested in the underlying real estate asset directly.

23 Jul 2020 Construction and Development | Core Cities and Devolution | Environment and Sustainability

Freeports consultation

What: A consultation on Freeports, which have different customs rules intended to attract inward investment and increase productivity.

Our view: Freeports must be part of a package of measures to help places around the UK level up. 

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13 May 2020 Covid-19 | Tax and Finance

Accounting for Covid-related rent concessions

What: An IASB consultation on Covid-related rent concessions

Our view: Covid and enforced closure of tenants has had a significant impact on rent payments, and so property owners should be given more flexibility to manage this accounting period.

27 Feb 2020 Tax and Finance

Fifth money laundering directive and trust registration service

What: A consultation on expanding the scope of the Trust Registration Service pursuant to the Fifth Money Laundering Directive.

Our view: The rules need to be better targeted to the high-risk arrangements that the government is intending to capture.

10 Feb 2020 Environment and Sustainability | Residential

The Future Homes Standard – changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations for new dwellings

What: Consultation on the uplift to standards of Part L of the Building Regulations and changes to Part F. This uplift is the first step in achieving the Future Homes Standards.

Our view: The decarbonisation of the built environment must be driven by up-to-date building, design, and construction standards.