Redefining Real Estate

A long term agenda for change

The world is changing – and our industry is responding to external challenges and driving change internally to build our future success.

It’s important that local communities trust our sector.

Redefining Real Estate is a long-term agenda for change, committing us and our members to take action: 

  • To increase the positive impact that the real estate sector delivers for local communities

  • To improve trust in the industry by ensuring that the economic, environmental and social value we create is recognised by the industry’s employees, customers and stakeholders.

To support our campaign, we commissioned the largest ever perception audit of the sector from Populus to give us a benchmark and insight into both the size of the challenge and opportunity.

The campaign has four key pillars to drive change and ensure that we, and our members, continue to redefine real estate – creating happier, healthier and safer communities.