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30 Oct 2023

BPF commission new research to help plug the net zero data gap

  • Lack of data is one of the biggest barriers to decarbonising buildings.
  • BPF commission Savills to undertake new research into the net zero data challenges.
  • Buildings second largest source of carbon emissions. Plugging the data gap critical to tackling climate change and meeting net zero targets.


The built environment has a key role to play in tackling climate change. Buildings account for around 25% of greenhouse gas emissions and the industry’s carbon footprint is second only to that of the transport sector. However, BPF research has identified access to data and insufficient data as one of the top barriers to a net zero carbon property sector.


As a result, the BPF have now commissioned Savills to undertake new research into the net zero data challenges. This work is being supported by Farrer & Co. LLP, Get Living and Position Green.


The research will explore the role of data in delivering net zero buildings, identify the key data challenges faced by property owners and occupiers, examine the role that technology can play to help overcome the challenges and propose a series of policy recommendations.


It will also identify examples of innovation and best practice and include a series of case studies. The results will be published in the New Year.


“The lack of data is a major barrier to decarbonising our buildings. Understanding how buildings are performing in use is an essential first step to measuring and cutting emissions and to cutting energy bills. This research will be key to helping us understand the challenges around data access and data sharing and to developing solutions.”

Rob Wall, Assistant Director, BPF


“Quality energy data is vital for the real estate sector to set and meet net zero goals.  Yet we know from previous research that one of the biggest challenges faced by the sector is insufficient data or the ability to access data – so we are really looking forward to sharing the insights that emerge from this research as to the impact of the data challenge on net zero plans and how it can be overcome.”

Mark Gauguier, Head of Commercial Real Estate, Farrer & Co


“Improving the accessibility of energy data is central to Get Living’s planned engagement with our residents, retailers, investors and regulators. We are pleased to support the BPF’s research project, which will help to build consensus and ambition for the wider transition to a low carbon economy.”

John Inglis, Head of Net Zero, Get Living


“As a software business, we understand both the critical importance of data and the role that new technology will play in the transition to a net zero carbon future. That is why Position Green is delighted to partner with the BPF on this research which will shine a light on these critical, but often overlooked, issues.”

Håkon Dammen, Managing Director UK, Position Green

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