Events BISNOW: The Evolving Office: The Merging Of Physical & Digital

The Evolving Office: The Merging Of Physical & Digital


Date & Time:
15 Jun 2021
01:30 - 17:45

Event Type:

Partner Event

This event is open to Members and Non-Members.

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Event Details


What You'll Learn:

  1. The impact the vaccine rollout is having on companies' views on returning to the office.
  2. How by delivering a more productive environment for tenants, technology can increase the value of CRE.
  3. Elevating technological standards to meet changing tenant demands - establishing a physical presence through technology.
  4. How to capture and use data in the right way to make smart decisions on how space is used.
  5. Changing lease models considering tenant covenants, duration and break clauses.

How You'll Do More Business: As workers start to return to the office, the dialogue between landlords and tenants has never been more critical to the success of providing great workplace destinations that truly offer tenants value. Gain exclusive insight into how the intersection of the physical and digital working environment is moving the needle and, if implemented in the right way, can enhance real estate resilience

Who You'll Meet: Investors, lenders, owners, developers, tenants, agents, architects, planners, and advisors.


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