From 5 November until 2 December, the Government guidance on the new national restrictions states that people are required to stay at home, except for specific purposes. More information can be found here

The information on this page remains relevant for such a time when the national restrictions are eased. 

Returning to workplaces will involve a significant amount of pre-planning to ensure that buildings, employees and members of the public feel safe. Physical checks may be required, but also good communication and planning so that employees know what to expect and have the confidence to return to their normal place of work.

The following resources provide guidance on a range of topics, some cover a lot of ground and provide a good range of topics to consider. Others are more targeted at particular physical checks and preparations.

Our thanks go to all who have contributed the papers and guides on this page. These include various trade associations involved in the Construction Industry Task Force of the Construction Leadership Council.


Guidance to help employers, employees and the self-employed understand how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic: The government, in consultation with industry, has produced guidance to help ensure workplaces are as safe as possible. These eight guides cover a range of different types of work. Many businesses operate more than one type of workplace, such as an office, factory and fleet of vehicles. You may need to use more than one of these guides as you think through what you need to do to keep people safe.

Recovery Readiness – How to Guide - Cushman and Wakefield 

Ensuring the safety of Building Water Systems - Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering and Construction Industry Council

ECA guide to reoccupying Buildings – Electrical Contractors’ Association

UN Guide on combatting the spread of COVID-19 at work

Response Roadmap – CBRE

International Organisation of Employers’ (IOE) guide

HSE statement on how it will regulate workplaces: The Government has given the HSE a critical role in regulating social distancing in the workplace. The HSE has issued a statement on how it will approach that task.

RICS has published new guidance on commercial property inspections and visits 

Getting Ahead: Considerations for exiting lockdown - Revo

Government working safely guidance: Toolkits. 


The Safe Six Checklist - Cushman and Wakefield

Article in the Harvard Business Review 


TfL’s guidance for businesses.


Recovery Readiness – Retail Checklist - Cushman and Wakefield

Getting Ahead: Considerations for exiting lockdown - Revo

Branch Operating Guidelines during Covid-19 - BMF & Construction Leadership Council

Advice from the Met. Police on crime prevention as we open premises and adjust to new ways of working.

Guidance for people who work in or run shops, branches, stores or similar environments.

TfL’s guidance for Retail businesses.


Recovery Readiness – Industrial Checklist - Cushman and Wakefield


FMB Guidance for Restarting Work – Federation of Master Builders


Expected government guidance on students collecting belongings
We expect that the government will issue guidance within the next few days clarifying that under the current restrictions students are now permitted to return to their PBSA accommodation to collect their belongings. We have encouraged officials to state in any guidance that students contact their accommodation provider before travelling so as to ensure a managed approach. Please do then consider as soon as possible how your organisations wish to arrange this so that it can be conducted as safely as possible. 

College and University Business Officers (CUBO)
The College and University Business Officers (CUBO) have released guidance on students collecting belongings from halls of residence. Though aimed at universities and students, much of it does also appear to be applicable to private PBSA.


CC01: COVID-19 – Site operating procedures compliance checklist
An interactive checklist, designed to be used to ensure compliance with current guidance on protecting your workforce on site during the COVID-19 pandemic. The checklist can be amended with additional comments to ensure it aligns with specific site policies. The checklist will help organisations to establish whether crucial health and safety principles are embedded in their day-to-day operations during the pandemic.

CC02: COVID-19 – Health, safety and environmental risk assessment template
A guide offering example control measures for those required to undertake risk assessment of the workplace and specific activities on site. An interactive risk assessment template is also included in order to facilitate this process.

CC03: COVID-19 – A toolbox talk for construction workers
Designed to be delivered to construction workers by their manager or supervisor. Good communication is essential for health and safety management on construction sites. It is vitally important that contractors, managers and supervisors engage and consult with workers, as it is an effective way of identifying hazards and controlling risks.

CC04: COVID-19 – Weekly site operating procedures checklist
An interactive checklist, designed to ensure on-going compliance with both established and additional procedures.